Namita Sayani
3 min readMay 24, 2022

“Its only when you take responsibility for your life, you will discover how powerful you truly are”

I understood this very late in my life. You know as women we are always made to believe that we are someone else’s responsibility. Before marriage we used to think we are our parents responsibility, after marriage we think our husband is responsible to look after us, keep us happy, take us for holidays, buy us what we desire or wish for and so on.

We always make others responsible for what we are going through, or what is happening in our life. We try to play safe by putting responsibility on others shoulders so that we are not at risk if things don’t go the way we thought they would.

But have you ever thought that if something happens in your life which is unexpected, you are not in control of the situation but you have full control of how you respond to the situation? You have full control of how you can change the outcome?

But we are conditioned to think that it’s not our responsibility, its because of that person, its because he spoke to me like this or she told me like this or my husband didn’t take me out for holidays this summer, because my friend didn’t call me for the party and the list is never ending.

We start the blame game and turn the spotlight on other person or event. We play our victim card because it’s the easiest thing to do. 95% of us operate from the victim energy.

And that’s the reason we feel unhappy, hurt and undesired.

So how do you take that power back and take charge of your life and happiness.

You can only make it happen by taking 100% responsibility for your life. Take back the remote control of your life which you have given away to others by making them responsible and allowing them to press the buttons.

Take charge of your responses so that you can change the outcome you desire. Understand that no one can hurt you or insult you without your permission. It’s not what they say or do its what you say to yourself and interpret the situation happening to you. You are creating or designing your life by your own thoughts and beliefs.

Understand that every outcome in your life is the result of your response to that circumstance or situation or event happened in your life.

Be aware of what you say to yourself when something happens in your life, you cannot change or have no control of the event happening to you but you can change and control your responses to achieve the outcome of your choice. Remember we have a choice to make, so choose wisely.

Remember no-one can make you do anything if you don’t want to, you have a choice, you don’t have to but you choose to. For eg — You don’t have to cook all the three meals everyday, but you choose to so that you and your family are eating healthy home cooked meal everyday. You don’t have to go to the gym but you choose to so that you can be fit and healthy.

If you choose to be happy no matter what comes your way then no one can take that happiness away from you. If you choose to blame, complain and hold others accountable for your unhappiness then you will forever be unhappy. Because you know what, it’s up to you and only you, the choice is yours.

The day I understood the power of taking 100% responsibility for my life my perspective of my life completely changed. I am no longer the same person anymore. I am not a victim anymore. I stopped waiting for others to make me happy instead I have taken the remote control in my hands and I choose to press the buttons that make me happy, loved, heard and respected by taking the charge of my happiness and my life.

Namita Sayani

I am an Image Consultant & a Life Coach. I am on a mission to help women redesign their life and bring out their true potential to be the best version of them.